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Dingo Marketing Team P.C.
Papalouka 31, Rhodes, Z.C. 85100
Mob.: (+30) 694 80 888 11
Tel.: (+30) 22410 30727
Tel.: (+30) 22410 24460

At Dingo Marketing Team we believe that any business that offers quality services should have the opportunity to acquire customers and the revenue it deserves, without fear or risk of failure. How; By having partners who can really help each business increase its customers and sales. An entrepreneur is not obliged to know all the tools or methods of marketing, nor can he evaluate which are the best tools for his case. The entrepreneur is only interested in the actual results. . And that's exactly what we provide.

That's why  we provide measurable and unquestionable results and we focus on them.. We are so confident of the efficiency of our work; hence we only get paid when these results show.

We trust in our work. If you also trust yours, contact us at 22410-30727 to discuss how you can attract more customers and increase your sales.. After all, this is what counts for a business!


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